Caring for Congo


A Collaboration of Partners to assist health development in DR Congo


Mama Makeka House of Hope is a NGO to promote, advocate, and support Health, Education, and Community Organizing / Empowerment Initiatives among underserved populations, including Congo. IPVRC provides corrective treatment, high-quality, locally-crafted leg braces, and rehabilitative services, at no cost to poor families with children disabled by polio.

Soccer for Health connects good soccer and good health by distributing soccer balls printed with the "Ten Commandments of Health." Your donation of $20 sends a ball/pump set to a needy youth group in DR Congo.

I.M.A. provides essential products and services for emergency, health and development programs. They manage several large projects with USAID and World Bank funding in DRCongo in partnership with ECC to assist the development of health zones.
SANRU is the health development program of the Protestant Church of Congo (ECC), and has been instrumental in creating and sustaining Congo's decentralized health system that is co-managed in part by FBOs.
Santé Pour Tous et Par Tous
(Health for All and by All)
Laptops for Health seeks donations of used laptops to ship to Africa (DR Congo) for use by health professionals.
Connecting good laptops and
good health in DR Congo.
In Tshiluba "Mudimuishi" means "one who alerts." The Mudimuishi project is alerting the population living in around around Kananga to the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Partners include APCS, Rotary, I.M.A. and Medical Ambassadors International

Baertracks has worked with health systems development in DRCongo for more than 30 years. Frank Baer now resides in the U.S. working as a consultant advisor to a number of organizations for their work in Congo.